Morningrise would like to thank Laurent "Morningrise Logo" Miny for his help and talent; Laurent Michelland and Metallian for their big support; alain Madorre.

Alveric: The Pwaf crew; Faustine, my parents, Sisters, Seb, run & Io, Flx (Blackhord), Anne (big brain bitch), Rémi, Stephane, Sylvain, Olivier, Ju & Peg , Flo, Yann...:

Vicomte Vampyr Arkames would like to give his appreciation to : Seth & Satan members, Hellhaz (for being the acid Christ Brother), Storm (for your support for all this years), The wolf (The Last Druid On Hearth) Fenris (Darkthrone) Mr Destroyer (NOCTURNAL BREED), the Lucifer Bar (Alcoholic Rites!)... and last but not least all those who will eternally keep the flame of Morningrise burning!!!

Elcmar: Alveric, Volundr, Hellhaz (little Vitkar), V.V. Arkames (a little kiss?), Magali, Yves, David, Laurent and Chrystelle, Heimoth and Seth, Crocodil and Peg and all my other friends who supported us... It's just the begginning!!!

Hellhaz: The mighty Alveric, Elcmar the powerful wolf, Volundr and Chrystelle, Novitch, David, Magali (be careful... Bad girl burn in hell!), Laurent Miny and Chrystelle, Marie, Bob and little Armand, Sophy Granier,Tomi Korhonen, my mother and my brother. All the Black Satans... Melly Peggy, Alcoholic Storm, Alsvid (Lord of Sodomy), Heimoth (but where do you speak?), the prodigual son of Lucifer: V.V. Arkames... Unholy and mighty brother amond eternity, sabathan, Nornagest, Dolk from Kampfar, Lord Charon, the Lucifer bar and his team... And some of the best bands I have heard for a long time... Aura Noir, Nocturnal Breed, Dodheimsgard, Seth...a

Volundr would like to thank Chrystelle, Cyril, Julien, Mathieu, Fabrice, Florent and Leslie, Fanny and Jérome, my parents and all my family, Novitch the big Pwaf, david (where are you fuckin' Pwaf),Laurent and Christelle, Raphael and Cathy, Gilles, Catherine, Ju and Peg, Florian, Yann, Ionel, Patrick and Jean-Louis from Aréma, my long date friends (que je ne vois plus beaucoup), ceux sans qui je ne serais rien: Hellhaz, Elcmar, Alveric, Arkames, Morningrise and Pwaf Spirit...